Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Kep is a province what near sea, but this province didn’t have rain long time. After Khmer New Year during April and May this time people they need to make growing, but this province didn’t have rain, so farmers they can’t do anything, They wait rain fall from the sky. 

After they waited rain long time, now farmers they can work at field for make growing of rice. They are very happy with rain because if they have rain they have life.

Mr. Kheun Tan student in Don Bosco Technical School Kep  at Electricity Section he said: I’m happy with rain, before the weather is too hot, I’m every difficult for live. But sometime rain it have more hard when we want to go to anywhere, But is good.

People in Kep they have deference kind of work like Fisherman seller businessman or woman especially many people they are farmers. For farmer rain is very important, they can’t growing without rain. In Kep we don’t have system water, they have enough water at rain season and the dry season they need water from other place.

Many years weather always changing, sometime it hot and sometime it so cool
The big reason is destroy forest. Some people they cut tree for they business. But don’t they are trying to kill all people in the world and themself too.

So forest is very important for life we don’t need to cut it, don’t need to destroy our life. 


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