Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chili will to final Copa America after they get goal 2-1 with Buro Team. 2  of Chili by Eduardo Vargas.
The best football palyer Eduardo Vargas of Napoli Team he was shot one goal on first tents at 42 minute. Carlos Zambrano he get red card, he have mistakes when his up too top with his leg to Charles Aranggiuz of Chili.
If  Buro Team has only tens number after Carlos Zambrano leaved they can get one goal on second Tent, this goal by Gary Medel, he shot to his goal.
After 4 minute Chili get second goal by Eduardo Vargas he shot 20m from goal. Eduardo Vargas he has 25 year old he make Napoli of Chili go to final Copa America.  Chili will meet with Argentina and Paraguay. 

Ramos said to  Real he want to play at  Man United

Sergio Ramos he leaving from Real Madrid and go to play at Manchester United of English next World Cup.
He said with Real Club, Man United buy him 44,8 million dollar. He will leave as soon as from Real Madrid.

Ramos he want to join only in Man United, whatever Manchester City they want him to play at they club. But Ramos he don’t have interested. By Sky Sport
Man United they will get and sign with Ramos when his meeting with Jose Angel Sanchez master of this club.

Cristinal Ronaldo want to play at Man United

Manchester City: Cristianno Ronaldo he said to Manchester United, “I will to going to play at this team any day” the own Champion Premeir League he play at Real Madrid and he help this team for won a lots of champion that make this team to be famous.
from: www.telegraph.co.uk

Christina Ronaldo he is a first top who has a lots of money in Real Madrid and than  Gareth Bale who come from Spurs. Anyway Man United they still hope that they can make Ronaldo come to they team. News from his team Ronaldo, he want to stay at Man United 3 or 4 years for the last of his football player.
Ronaldo he said “I unhappy in Madrid City” that’s reason that help Man United for take Ronaldo to they team. Ronaldo he has break with Mr. Jose Mournho after the last champion, and Jose Mournho he went to Chesea..
Man United vs Chesea they will play on tomorrow  at 2pm (in Cambodia).


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